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We provide a variety of wild and cultivated fresh mushrooms online of the highest quality and best flavor to augment any carnivore’s diet. For wild mushrooms, we partner with foragers and observe the seasons around the world. In addition, expert cultivators grow organic mushrooms for us, so you can enjoy our high-quality mushrooms year round. Nevada Mushroom Dispensary offers a huge variety of magic mushroom products to buy. We provide everything from dried psilocybin mushroomsmicrodose shroom capsules, magic mushroom chocolates bars and magic mushroom gummies in Nevada. Magic Mushrooms For Sale Nevada - Psilocybin mushrooms for sale Nevada​. Our most famous dried mushrooms online are the classic golden teachers and the brazilian cubensis. Buy psilocybin mushrooms Nevada discreetly.

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We are Nevada & USA’s best known mushroom sellers. With more than 8+ years of experience amongst our team of growers. We will always offer the highest quality products to all our customers. We also offer customer support with every order. Our support team is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We are always looking for new and exciting ways for you to save. We are a leader in the magic mushroom industry and take pride in the quality of our products and services. All our products are carefully and thoroughly tested to ensure we exceed industry standards. Your package will be sealed and delivered discreetly to you. Magic Mushrooms For Sale Nevada - Buy psilocybin mushrooms Nevada. Buy the best quality magic shrooms online from Nevada mushroom dispensary​.


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We offer the largest and best selection of Dried Magic Mushrooms, Microdosing Shrooms, Shroom Edibles ,Shroom capsules ,Shroom tea , Mushroom Gummies , Mushroom Chocolate, and much more. Psilocybin mushrooms for sale online​, psilocybin mushrooms for sale Nevada​, psilocybin mushrooms near me​, mushroom dispensaries in Nevvada​, psilocybin Nevada where to buy​,  Nevada mushroom dispensary - Magic Mushrooms For Sale Nevada​, psilocybin dispensary Nevada

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Nevada mushroom dispensary is one of the most reputable & top-rated online psilocybin dispensary with over 8,000 genuine customer reviews from satisfied customers. We are experts in magic mushrooms and microdosing mushrooms. Whether you’re experimenting with psychedelic drugs, looking for a great trip, or you’re ready to dive deeper in unlocking your mind, you have come to the right place.

We have a solid reputation for quickly, safely, and reliably delivering premium top-shelf psilocybin products directly to our customer’s doors. Our #1 priority is to provide premium, top-quality products discreetly and securely at competitive prices that you can trust. We simply make it safe and easy to buy psilocybin mushrooms Nevada​.

We believe in giving our customers the best experience when buy psilocybin mushrooms online in Nevada​. That’s why we only offer the highest quality products from the most reputable sources and growers. As psilocybin enthusiasts ourselves, we personally sample and test all products to ensure they meet our highest standards.

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You can look to Nevada mushroom dispensary as your magic mushroom delivery and psilocybin dispensary in Nevada. We are your psilocybin magic mushroom dispensary selling PolkaDot chocolate bars, gummies, capsules and more! We offer delivery to Nevada and across all 50 states. 

we’ve been helping both psilocybin newbies and veterans alike find the right magic mushroom products for their unique needs. We work closely with USA’s most trusted and reputable psilocybin cultivators to ensure our customers enjoy nothing but the finest quality shroom products! Whether you’re looking to do some soul searching or hoping to amplify your productivity levels, our team of psilocybin experts is readily available to help make sure your shroom adventure is as magical as possible. Buy Magic Mushrooms Online Nevada - Magic Mushrooms For Sale Nevada.

While there are more and more signs pointing to the positive impacts of “regular” magic mushroom use for mental health and self-exploration, the heroic dose is a concept that is gaining more and more attention in recent years. First put forward by Terence McKenna, the heroic dose is exactly as it sounds – a much larger dose of psilocybin mushrooms than would normally be used. No specific amount is attached to this term, but for some people, it could be in excess of five grams of dried mushrooms.

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Psilocybin mushrooms are not just recreational – although if you were looking for something special to take on your camping trip, you’re in the right place. Psilocybin mushrooms boast a wide range of therapeutic uses, and these uses only increase the more we learn about these special shrooms. Read on to learn more about nature’s best psychedelic and don’t forget to browse our selection of the best shrooms we have to offer.

So don’t waste any more time and take advantage of one of our generous deals/promotions. We are always looking for new and exciting ways for you to save. Become a Nevada mushroom dispensary  member and stay up to date on the latest in the world of magic mushrooms. Buy shrooms online in Nevada with confidence at Nevada mushroom dispensary. We will always offer the best quality psilocybin shroom to all our customers.


African Transkei Mushroom

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Albino Penis Envy

Albino Penis Envy Mushrooms is one of the most potent psilocybin cubensis strains out there. It is derived from the famous albino penis envy shrooms, but this variant is reported to have the highest potency with a bruised blue coloration.
Dosage Guide:
Mild Experience:
0.5 Grams to 1 Gram
Medium Experience:
1.25 Grams to 2 Grams
Full Experience:
2.5 Grams to 4 Grams
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Golden Teachers Mushrooms


Golden Teachers

Golden Teachers are a favorite among all psychedelic enthusiasts. They originated in the 1980’s, and have become very popular since. The large stems and golden caps, with specks of yellow, make it a very recognizable species. It is known to be highly potent, with good visuals and euphoric effects. These mushrooms offer a reliable, ‘high’ quality trip.
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The most trusted Nevada mushroom dispensary in USA.  In the City of Carson, NV buying magic mushrooms from mushroom dispensary Nevada, in at least one case, can be as easy as ordering your morning cup of coffee. We’ve been growing and refining our magic mushroom strains for the most potent effects. Mushroom Dispensary NV. Our growers have honed their skills to grow magic mushrooms from all over the world right here in America. So whatever trip you’re looking to go on, our psilocybin mushrooms will take you there. Nevada Magic mushroom dispensary is passionate about offering you the best products and services. People love us for our experience and dedication to helping you find the perfect product. Buy magic mushrooms online Nevada, order psilocybin mushroom online Nevada, Carson mushroom online shop.

We take great pride in providing our patients and customers with only the highest quality Psilocybin mushrooms that are 100% organic products with unparalleled customer service in a clean, friendly, and welcoming environment. Mushroom Dispensary Nevada. Our team consists of experienced service who can advise patients on the best medicine to treat their symptoms and conditions, buy psilocybin mushrooms CaliforniaLooking for magic mushroom dispensary in Las Vegas, Nevada, we have psilocybin mushrooms for sale online Nevada.  Psilocybin mushroom store Nevada. 

Our products, from mushroom dispensary Las Vegas, Nevada, Mushroom Capsules, psilocybin Mushroom chocolate bars, dried magic mushrooms, and psilocybin microdose, are carefully selected by our connoisseurs to ensure that we only provide you with the highest quality shroom products.

Penis Envy (Psilocybe Cubensis)

Penis Envy has been known to be the most potent strain of psilocybe cubensis known to man. The high is much more intense, visual and euphoric than other cubensis mushrooms. The strain originated from deep in the Amazon Rainforest, where Terrance Mckenna, who took a few spore prints back to the USA to cultivate and share with other mycologists. Over time, the strain was refined until it mutated into the Penis Envy that we know and love today.  It has a much higher ratio of psilocin/psilocybin which contributes to the higher potency. The visual characteristics were easily identifiable, standing with a much thicker, dense stem and a pale underdeveloped cap. The rarity of this mushroom, partly due to how difficult is is to grow, combined with the exceptional potency, make Penis Envy one of the most desirable, sought-after mushrooms to consume. The strain delivers a intense high with strong visuals. It may seem slow to kick in at first but when it hits it packs a punch!
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Liberty Caps (Psilocybe Semilanceata)

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Blue Meanies (Panaeolus Cyanescens)

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Psilocybin Mushrooms Store​ Nevada

We’re the most reliable psilocybin mushroom seller online. With hundreds of magic mushroom species in stock, you can buy shrooms direct from us. Mushroom Dispensary Nevada is the world’s greatest Psilocybe Cubensis Connection in 2023. Buy magic mushrooms Nevada​
at great affordable prices and get shrooming the highest quality mushrooms on a budget.

Psilocybin mushroom is the cool stuff that makes you feel high when you ingest magic mushrooms. Buy magic mushrooms Nevada​. Commonly called boomers, magic mushrooms, golden tops, cubes or gold caps, it belongs to the Strophariaceae family of fungi and was previously known as Stropharia cubensis. It is largely known for being among the easiest Psilocybin mushroom species to grow and cultivate.

Magic Mushrooms For Sale Nevada - Buy Magic Mushrooms Online Nevada

Our dried magic mushrooms for sale are high-quality, guaranteed to be completely free of toxins, and grown in a sustainable environment. These magic mushrooms are odorless and tasteless, and begin to display their distinctive color and flavor the further down the stem they grow. Dried mushrooms are visually identical and have an awesome working chemistry just like “fresh” magic mushrooms. The dried magic mushrooms should be taken with a shaman, traditional healer or your trusted natural medicines professional. Rehydrating them and having their medicinal properties work on your body is one of the best things in the world.

Dried Psilocybin Mushrooms Benefits

Get a unique and effective way to make friends at a distance but also be able to offer them an alternative product they can use over and over while keeping in mind that they’re just not used to probiotics flora. This dried magic mushrooms for sale is the’ hand-crafted product, using no chemicals or fertilizers in order to preserve the environments living fungi including fungal spores.

Recent studies show that psilocybin, the key ingredient in shrooms, is an effective treatment for cancer. Our magic green shrooms have been consumed by generations of indigenous peoples, and continue to be a hot commodity among underground psychedelic societies. Once known as “magic mushrooms”, we’ve preserved the unique flavor of dried shrooms in an olive oil infusion. Whether you believe a trip to be enlightening or hallucinatory, our magic green shrooms will surely ignite your curiosity!

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This mushroom strain is special and expect a trans-formative experience. The appearance of the Albino Penis Envy psilocybin mushrooms can be described as thick and stout. The caps are often small relative to its extremely thick stem, and are white or black in color. Because this is the Albino version, all parts of the shrooms are mostly white, black/blue or very light in color. Albino Penis Envy shrooms grow extremely slow and is very sensitive to its growing environment. Buy magic mushrooms Nevada​. Mycologists report that its slow growth time allows the Albino Penis Envy magic mushrooms to produce more psilocybin during its fruiting stage. The albino penis envy magic mushrooms delivers everything you want in terms of potency and effectiveness. Buy magic mushrooms Nevada​. It is an extremely potent hallucinogenic mushroom which doesn’t take much to have an amazing trip. For these reason we recommend starting with a lower dose.

Buy magic mushrooms in Nevada​, where to buy shrooms Las Vegas​, dried magic mushrooms for sale Nevada​, psilocybin mushrooms for sale NV​, buy magic mushrooms online NV​, Magic Mushrooms For Sale Nevada, buy magic mushrooms Nevada​, psilocybin mushrooms United States​, buy psilocybin mushrooms in the US​, buying magic mushrooms in Nevada​, Las Vegas magic mushrooms for sale​, mushroom shops in Nevada. is one of the strongest and rarest magic mushrooms. This rare specimen is extremely difficult to grow thus we have a very limited supply. Penis Envy has built a reputation to be one of the strongest shrooms, most reports say it is at least double the potency of other P. Cubensis strains. We do not recommend this strain for beginners, experienced psychonauts only! Consume with caution. 

Who Can Get Magic Mushrooms Nevada?

Any adult 21 years of age or older can consume psilocybin mushrooms at a licensed service center with a licensed facilitator in Nevada. You do not need to be a Nevada resident, and you do not need any type of medical card or doctor’s recommendation. Clients are encouraged to find a facilitator and service center that fit their style and intentions to properly establish set and setting.

When Can I Get Magic Mushrooms Nevada?

Many expect the first service centers to open in spring or summer of this year. The exact start date of when the first psilocybin service center will open is still unknown. Now that OPS is accepting license applications, anyone who wants to start a psilocybin business, whether a manufacturer, tester, service center, or facilitator, can legally do so, it’s just a matter of going through the red tape of getting a license from OPS and actually opening a business. Buy Magic Mushroom online Nevada. (Facilitator training is currently available in some places.)

Where In Nevada Can I Order Magic Mushrooms Online?

You can get magic mushroom from  Mushroom Dispensary Nevada, Although the state passed Measure 109 in 2020 to allow psilocybin, at the end of last year, nearly 70% of the state opted out and banned psilocybin in individual counties. Psilocybin will only be available in 11 of Oregon’s 36 counties, and some cities within those counties have also opted out.